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News in Brief

29th. October, 2004. Rosario.


The Hockey International Federation (HIF) y the Hockey Argentina Confederation (HAC), had organized an Especial International curse of Coaching that will have place in Rosario, during Champion's Trophy 2004 tournament, starting on the 2nd. of November at 18.30hs. and ending on the 9th. of November.

With the collaboration of the Rosario Hockey Association, this curse will be dictated in Spanish and will be in charge of the following coaches Master of the Hockey International Federation.

· Rodolfo Mendoza: Agronomist Ingineer of the UBA, Post Grade University of Western Australia.
Coaching Qualifications: Conductor of the Curse for FIH, PAHF, CAH, Consejo National Council of Sports from 1986, Coaching FIH. Player of Banco Provincia Club and San Fernando Club.
Performance Coach: Nacional de Damas 1990-1991, Nacional Head Coach 1991-1996, Medalla de Oro en la Copa del Mundo Barcelona 1993 Damas Junior, Medalla de Plata Copa del Mundo Dublin 1994 Damas Senior, Medalla de Oro Juegos Panamerocanos de Mar del Plata 1995
Prizes: Clarín 1993, Fundación Prosa 1994,Munic.San Fernando 1993-1994,Rotary Club 1993-1994,Circulo de Perodistas Deportivos de Argentina 1995, Reconocimiento Bonaerense 1998 ( Pcia BsAs)

· Bert Bunnik : Coach Holandés
Coach nacional de España
Coach Ayudante del equipo masculino de Holanda
Ganador Medallas de Oro y Plata en las Copas Mundiales y los Champions Trophy durante el peródo que va desde el l992 al l994

The coaching course count with a theory part and a practical part and it will be dictated in the following order:

Wednesday 3RD., Thursday 4TH. y Friday 5TH.
-Theory: de 9 l2 hs. Hotel Plaza Real
-Practical: from l4 to l5 hs in the Gimnasia y Esgrima field.
-Theory: from l7 to l8,15 hs Plaza Real Hotel

Saturday 6TH.
Morning: free
-from l3:l5 to 20 observation of the games.

Sunday 7TH. y Monday 8TH.
-Theory: de 9 a l2 hs. Plaza Real Hotel
-Theory: de l4 a l5 hs Plaza Real Hotel
-de l6 a 22,30 hs (Sunday ,observation of the games in Jockey Club)

Tuesday 9th.
Conclusion of the course

The participants, form a group of 29 people (of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Trinidad and Tobago), could be recommended by the conductors, after the evaluation of their performance and will receive certificates. These participants were selected by means of the shipment of their curriculum to the FIH before l0 of September, being made the selection the 20 of the same month.

Later, the members of this course, will participate in a Final Seminary of Coaching of the FIH, where they will be able to gain a nomination like Trainers of the FHI or Coach Class 1 (official and honorable recognition for coach).

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