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31st. October , 2004. Rosario.


China vs. 1st. JCR

Today, in the Country Club of Jockey Rosario, home of the BDO Champions Trophy 2004, China played a friendly game against the 1st. team of the club in order to prepare for the Champions Trophy that will begin on 6th. of November.

The game started 17.30 hs. and China won 3 – 1. The goals in the oriental team were made by the player N° 2 Huang Xuejiao, the N° 16 Chen Qiuqi and the N° 12 Zhou Wanfeng. The local goal team was made by Collin Bárbara in a short corner.

China went with

Mai Shaoyan
Gao Lihua
Li Shuang
Zhou Wanfeng
Zhang Yimeng
Chen Qiuqi
Huang Xuejiao
Song Qingling
Qiu Yingling
Ma Yibo
Fu Baorong
Chen Qunqing
Zhang Xiaolei
Wang Yanhui
Wang Yi
Yu Dan
Hu Bojia
Li Aili

Hu Jianguo - chef of delegation
Hai Xian – Sub – chef of delegation
Zhao Xiaoyu
Jin Changbo – coach
Chen Dekang – oach
Jin Shangai –
Xie Yong – Doctor
Wang Tong - Manager

On the other hand, the first team of the Jockey Club played with:

Saravalli, Silvina (who was replaced by Delgado, Inés)
Velez, Marina
Rivosecchi, Julieta
Collin, Bárbara
Premoli, Victoria
Baetti, Victoria
Menicocci, Estefanía
Welter, María
Salmerón, Victoria
Amelong, Josefina
Garmendia, Inés

During the game other players enter:
Navello, Sofia
Hadad, Ana Clara
González García, Juliana
Actis, Gabriela
Zalba, Josefina
Saenz, Agustina
Baetti, Agustina

Morlan, Ernesto - coach
Basterra, Gabriel - coach
Lucero, Jorge
Reitmann, Edgardo

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