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La Capital 13-07-2004

Rosario has "The Champions Trophy"

It was presented the international tournament that will be disputed of the 6 al 14 of November. The Champions Trophy 2004 was presented yesterday in the parlor Dr. Gabriel Carrasco of the city Hall of our city. This edition of the international contest, the 12ª, he will be carry out of the 6 al 14 of November of the current year in the installations that possesses the Jockey Club, in the Country one that is found located in neighborhood Fisherton.
The presentation was in charge of the secretary of Social Promotion, Pedro Pavicich, who replaced al manager Miguel Lifschitz due to that had to comply with other commitments, the sports undersecretary of the Province, Diego Degano, the president of the Confederation Argentina of Hockey, Caesar White, the president of the Rosary Club Jockey, Mario Araya and the members rosarinas of the selected national of this sport, Luciana Aymar and Ayelén.
The road to the obtaining of this headquarters began in the middle of 2002 before the vice president of the International Confederacy of Hockey, president of the pan-american Confederation. This designation was also possible thanks to that our city has a great history to international level”, emphasized Blanco,, who counted some of the large efforts that should be carried out to be able to harbor to the Champions .
“Esta es la última etapa de cara al comienzo de la Champions. Y sin lugar a dudas, la disputa de este certamen será una valiosa contribución para el desarrollo constante de este deporte”, manifestó el presidente de la Confederación Argentina de Hockey. Y para finalizar confesó que confía en que “Rosario va a hacer una gran Champions Trophy”. “Rosario is going to do a great one Champions Trophy”.
So that our city can harbor to a tournament of this hierarchy, the third in importance after the Olympic Games and the World one, was fundamental the inauguration of the new folder of synthetic lawn of the court of hockey of the Jockey Club. Besides, installations will be built to harbor at more than 6 thousand people.
This new surface is of the latest generation and of them called of free maintenance. It has the particularity of have not the lines painted, but the fiber with which itself weaves has different colors in the lines demarcatorias. For this tournament already they are found classified them selected of Argentina (The Lionesses), by headquarters of the contest, Germany, due to that conquered the tournament challenger qualifying, and Australia, thanks to to have earned the previous edition.
The three participating remainders will be determined in base to the results that obtain the remainder of the selections in the Olympic Games of Athens, but according to it indicates the ranking until today they would be in conditions to participate Holland (3º), Chinese (4º) and England (5º). The parties will be transmitted by the chain ESPN in direct for all the country and the outside.

The words of The Lionesses

The members rosarinas of the selected of present hockey, Aymar and Stepnik, they took advantage of the occasion to thank to all the responsible for that this can happen. Luciana Aymar asserted that “to be able to play a tournament of this quality here is a dream that are going to reach in very little bit, is somewhat incredible. One must remain tranquil because is going to leave barbarian”. On the other hand, Ayelén Stepnik said that “as the sportsman is a pride and is not coincidence that this tournament be disputed here”.

The recognition

When finalized the press conference the secretary of Social Promotion delivered him to both players a national standard as part of the recognition that the city has toward his representatives, perhaps the most prize-winning of every Rosary in the sports environment.
Sports News

Official launch of the Champions Trophy Today, from the 17, in the parlor Carrasco of the city Hall a press conference will be done, the one that will serve as official launch of the Champions Trophy 2004 of female hockey that will be disputed in the Jockey Club in November. Present The Lionesses been Luciana Aymar and Ayelén Stepnik, the manager Lifschitz and sports, provincial, and municipal authorities. To be able to enjoy this tournament and to know more than Rosary, is possible that need to expand a lot of information that will help it in its stopover. Here it will find various links that we expect they be him useful.

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