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Deserved victory for Argentina

After Sunday's 2-0 defeat against the Olympic champions, Germany, the women's Argentine team reacted to demolish Australia 5-1 yesterday in the closing match of the third day of the 12th women's Champions Trophy at the Jockey Club.

With this result, Germany and Holland lead with full points after three matches, followed by Argentina with six points, China and New Zealand with one and Australia with no points.

If Argentina beat Holland tomorrow, the national side will be in better position due to best goal difference.

Argentina entered the pitch with only one idea, winning the match. Then, they attacked from the very start pushing Australia hard and reaching their rival circle with good options.

But the Aussies counter-attack was also dangerous as, in the sixth minute, when Peta Gallagher was left alone in front of Mariela Antoniska goal, but her shot was just wide. A minute later, a wonderful solo play by Luciana Aymar finished in a reverse shot by Soledad García over the cross-bar.

Argentina continue with their dominance, though Australia got a penalty corner - in the 15th minute, and the strong hit by Nikki Hudson was saved in style by Antoniska.

The national side increased their domination producing dangerous attacks to open the score, in the 20th minute, when Alejandra Gulla deflected a corner shot by Aymar.

Three minutes later, the almost 6,000 spectators noisily celebrated again when Vanina Oneto (who also set a double celebration as this match marked her 200th cap) deflected a reverse hit by María de la Paz Hernández for the 2-0 lead.

Argentina slowed the rthythm, but kept the pace until half-time with the 2-0 advantage.

The South Americans were unstoppable after the break, showing a high-technique and skillful play.

Only 47 seconds had passed, when Soledad García increased the gap to 3-0 with a powerful hit, after a skillful play inside the circle.

García, again, put Argentina 4-0 ahead after a serie of corner rebounds, in the 40th minute.

Australia closed the gap, in the 46th minute, from a short corner diverted by Suzie Faulkner after a shot from Nikki Hudson.

Argentina's continue keeping the pace, using their dangerous counter-attacks led by the inspired Aymar, García and Oneto to become a nightmare for the Aussies back row.

Then, Oneto deflected a shot from García for the 5-1 and the delirium of the local spectators, in the 56th minute.

Argentina: Antoniska; Margalot, Rognoni, Aicega, Burkart; González Oliva, Aymar, Stepnik; Gulla, García Arrondo. Also played: Russo, Oneto, Hernández, Rebecchi and Ferrari. Coach: Sergio Vigil.

Australia: Cronk; Attard, Arrold, Halliday, Ditton; Hudson, Blyth, K. Smith; Gallagher, Faulkner and N. Smith. Also played: Brown, Harris, Patrick, Rivers and Meyer. Coach: David Bell.

Umpires: Alison Hill (England) and Mónica Rivera Fraga (Spain).

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