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Australia beat New Zealand, play Argentina

Australia beat New Zealand 3-0 in the Oceania derby to qualify for the third-fourth place playoff and condemning the losers to play for fifth and sixth (bottom) place.

New Zealand dominated a bit more, in the first half, but had few shots at goal, while Australia scored from their first penalty corner after 19 minutes through Jessica Arrold.

Nikki Hudson's unstoppable shot in 46 minutes and Arrold's 61th minute penalty stroke - the first of the tournament and for a New Zealand defender's foot-stop - gave Australia a 3-0 victory which flattered them.

New Zealand closest goal chance came in 44 minutos when they hit a post from one of their eight penalty corners. Australia had only four - three in the more even second half.

Australia: Cronk; Arrold, Halliday, Patrick, Ditton; Blyth, Hudson, K. Smith; Brown, Faulkner and N. Smith. Also played: Rivers, Gallagher, Harris, Sanders and Meyer. Coach: David Bell.

New Zealand: Jurgeleit; Weavers, Igasan, Naylor, Sutherland; Robertson, Drysdale, Carr; Roberts-Lang, Sharland and Senior. Also played: Brewster, Dillon, Galletly, Orr and Phillips. Coach: Ian Rutledge.

Umpires: Corrine Cornelius (South Africa) and Carolina de la Fuente (Argentina).

Booking - Yellow card: 28m, Halliday (A). Green: 32m, Arrold (A).

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