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Rosario/12 13-07-2004

November 2004: Presentation of the Champion Trophy in Rosario

The presentation of the most important hockey tournament was held on “Salon Carrasco de la Municipalidad” in Rosario yesterday. The players Luciana Aymar (Jockey Club) and Ayelen Stepnik (Universitario) were invited and contributed to the memorable presentation. The Champion Trophy, whose 12° edition will be starting on 6 until 14 November on the current year, will be organized in the “Jockey Club Rosario”. The trophy will be disputed among the best six female hockey nations of the world. This is the reason why The Champion Trophy is considered the 3° most important international tournament after the Olympics and The World Cup, which has “Las Leonas” as the last champions. “It is an honor that our city is the organizer of such international tournament” confessed Stepnik.

The Champion Trophy was presented yesterday with the presence of the secretary of Social Promotion, Pedro Pavicich, representing the Minor Miguel Lifschitz; the director of the local sport secretary and the president of “Confederation Argentina de Hockey”, Cesar Blanco; the director of the province sport secretary, Diego Degano; “Las Leonas” Luciana Aymar and Ayelen Stepnik; provincial and local ministers; the representer of the “Consejo Municipal” and the sponsors. This international tournament will be organized, in its 12° edition, in the Jockey Club synthetic grass field.

The Champion Trophy is one of the most important female hockey tournaments of the world. There will participate the six most important nations located in the world hockey ranking, where “Las Leonas” are in first place. There are confirmed the participation of Australia and Germany, however, for the moment, the participation of the others three nations will be confirmed after the results of the Olympics Games starting next month.

“We have the possibility of making this incredible dream true because not many players can enjoy such a tournament as The Champion Trophy in theirs own city. Last year the Holland’s couch asked me how the field was and told me that would like it very much to play The Champion Trophy in Rosario because they received a friendly treatment during theirs last stay in Argentina.”, expressed Luciana Aymar.
The best player of the world added during this last two years that: “It is a dream. However, it is not unexpected considering that many of us have been working really hard to make this a reality. “Las Leonas” had its own Rosario representatives in the team before this actual team join together. It is an honor to play this championship in Rosario”.

Also Ayelen Stepnik highlighted the proud that the organization of this competition means to the city: “It is a proud as a hockey player to integrate the team which is disputing this tournament. We always wished with the idea of organizing an international event of such importance and we have the opportunity of doing it now. It is an honor to play the 3° most important tournament in Rosario.”

The Champion Trophy consists on the all-against-all bases. In the first round the two teams that obtain the best punctuation will classified to the final. The Jockey Club field has a capacity of six thousand persons and is located in Fisherton quarters.

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